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Helical Games teams up with Old Scratch

June 9, 2016 in Uncategorized, Featured, News, Community, Helical Games, DIVERSE

a1986798552_16[1]Bring on the noise!

Our search for talented musicians to aid in the production of the DIVERSE soundtrack has led us to a group from our local area, Old Scratch.

“But wait!” you’re saying, “This looks like a metal band, that doesn’t sound quite like what I’d imagine for DIVERSE.”  We hear you, straight metal wasn’t what we were looking for either.  The members of Old Scratch are passionate however, and after much discussion we are both choosing to stretch our reach a bit more than usual.  You can no-doubt expect a little metal flair in some of the sounds of DIVERSE, most likely in combat, but more importantly we think you’ll get a unique sound that is new to both fans of Old Scratch, and DIVERSE.


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by Patrick

Introducing Streamhaüs

January 21, 2016 in Uncategorized, Featured, News, Community, Helical Games, Streamhaüs

We are proud to introduce the newest member of the Helical Media Productions family: STREAMHAUS.

STREAMHAUS is a new gaming channel.

Welcome aboard guys! Glad to have you with us. You are doing a terrible job and we need to talk right away. Please email me your availability for next week. You had a good run.


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by Patrick

Unreal Engine 4, ECGC, and Helical Mobile

April 27, 2014 in Featured, News, Community, Helical Games, Updates

So it has been a while, and there is a lot to cover since the last blog post.

Firstly, we have replaced our UDK license, with an Unreal Engine 4 license, and will be moving DIVERSE to it. This change gives us a multitude of new options for development. On that note, I spent part of this week in Raleigh, NC at the East Coast Games Conference, visiting with the Epic Games team and getting hands on with UE4, getting tips from the experts who designed it. We’ve made some new connections, namely two new conceptual artists, Kyle Hanson and Kym Vantleven, whom we hope to be working closely with soon. It was a blast, and hopefully come next year we will actually be there with a booth, and some awesome demos.

Which brings me to my final point, the fate of Helical Mobile. Originally we conceived Helical Mobile as a secondary team, that would be able to work on smaller less ambitious mobile titles while the primary Helical team would proceed with the far more ambitious DIVERSE project. The concept was that by building a self-managed team and appointing a team lead, that myself and the other founders would be able to focus on the big project, and still keep things going as a company. But unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned, some members failed to properly communicate, and others eventually dropped off the radar entirely. This led to a temporary abandonment of the mobile project. However, with careful consideration, and some major restructuring, including the return of dylanbanks as our primary character artist, we have decided it is our best interest to make the mobile project our primary focus, and keep a small secondary focus on DIVERSE.

What this means, is DIVERSE is now moving back to a TBA launch date, and we will soon be announcing our first mobile title. We will also have some new information regarding changes to our Community and Associate Program.

We are very excited, and we hope you are too! 


Helical Games Turns 1!

October 27, 2013 in Featured, News, Helical Games

It’s Our Birthday!
And boy are we excited!

We are happy to be celebrating our first year together as a team. It has been an admittedly slow year, but it allowed us time to get associated and really get a grasp on just what it is we are undertaking.
While we haven’t been able to show it to YOU the fans, DIVERSE has undergone a number of changes (varying in degree) since it’s original inception, and we hope these will be for the best.

We could not have made it this far, and stuck it out this long, without the support from our friends and families, and you the fans. You’ve been patiently waiting while we twiddled about with ourselves, from frequent site redesigns, to changes in webhosting, to experiments with software on different sides of development, you have been hanging in there, and we want to thank you!

It isn’t much, but we have uploaded our very first wallpaper, and it is now available to download, it commemorates this first year, and we hope you put it to use, and keep hanging in there!

You can get the wallpaper here: 





Concept Artists! Helical Games wants you!

October 21, 2013 in Featured, News, Community, Helical Games, DIVERSE

This call is primarily in search of people to concept levels and environments, however characters, monsters, and weapons/gadget artists are still needed.

Helical Games is a start-up game company working on our first title. We can get it done with the existing team, but adding more artists to our roster would make things more efficient. Our current title is somewhere on the artistic level of a Ratchet and Clank game, so in other words, if you don’t do realistic work, you are probably a better fit.

These are hobbyist positions, as such we don’t require any professional experience, nor do we directly ask for a set amount of your time, you work on your terms, worst we can do is move on without you.
Also, regardless of how long you stay with us, the following is true; any and all work you do for Helical Games, will remain intellectual property of Helical Games and we reserve the right to use it, but agree to credit you for it’s creation, both in this title, and future ones where it is used(even if the asset is recreated, we credit you for the original design). However, you are free to use the asset in your portfolio, or other means to advertise your skills, so long as you do not directly monetize it, or use/distribute it to another project or title outside of Helical Games. The exception is selling prints of concept art, that is allowed. Selling a work to another company however, is not.

Officially these are unpaid positions, we would like to find artists willing to work for exposure or experience, as we do not have funding outside of out-of-pocket. However, we have made it a policy that if an individual shows a particularly strong talent, we may be willing to negotiate a commission fee per work, or an lump negotiable commission should the game be completed and sell. Please be aware that we are currently a self-funded group, and the max we will be willing to commission on a work is $50.
Please note that you will be asked to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) before we give you information on the project. This does not obligate you to anything, but merely confirms that you agree not to disclose non-public information about the project for a set duration.

More information:
Email [email protected] with questions and to send in portfolios (preferably links to web-based ones, but a .PDF will be accepted), to apply to join. Or visit our recruitment page


GREAT SCOTT! We’re tired. Escapist Expo 2013 Wrap-up

October 7, 2013 in Featured, News, Community, Helical Games

Hey everyone! Well our guys Patrick, @crimsonstrife, and Mitchell, @camrncraz, just returned from the 2013 Escapist Expo in Durham NC, and my god are they tired.

Good times were had by all, and they were able to make what we feel, will be lasting connections with some of our fellow indies.

Firstly, shout-out to ProxyArmy and their game Proxy War!

Proxy War is an in-development tabletop strategy game made by Proxy Army Games, featuring fully customizable models, point-based unit stat generation, and a rapid-resolution system that allows everything from skirmish-scale battles to armies of hundreds of models. No longer will wargamers suffer under the tyranny of bits, hoarding spare parts for their custom creations. Using 3D printing, you can access our entire database of parts, clip them together like lego, and go all the way from concept to beautiful ultra-detail model. You can even work directly with our team of designers, and get custom unit artwork and designs professionally made. Best of all, we respect your talent as a designer and put your models up on our webpage, giving you a cut of the sales. With Proxy War, you’re more than just a collector—you’re a creator.

These guys do awesome work, and they aren’t kidding around with their high-quality custom figurines!

And next to OdysseyGames and their game Antillia and the Lost Cities of Gold.

Based on Spanish legends of a mythical island lost to time, Antillia and the Lost Cities of Gold puts you in control of Dr. Jack Parker – the legendary archaeologist, and his team as they venture out in search of the fabled home to the seven lost cities of gold.
Crash-landing in the deep jungles of a land overrun by vile monsters and dark magic, you and your friends must fight your way through the island’s events, collecting loot and forming alliances in an effort to escape with as much gold as you can carry.
Players will explore an unique hexagonal tile-system map as they negotiate Antillia’s many challenges and collect ancient treasures to aid them on their quest. As you progress through the game, your fate will be determined by your strategy and dice rolls; this combined with a random map creation element guarantees that no two playthroughs will ever be the same.
Featuring game design and art by Odyssey Games founder Jeffrey Dokken and illustrations from lead artist Paul Caprio and other talented artists, Antillia and the Lost Cities of Gold will have over 170 uniquely rendered playing cards and is quickly on its way to becoming one of the most finely illustrated games on the market.

While not in video-game development, these teams are both indie, and game related, and more importantly, passionate about their projects.

So go send them some love! 


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by Patrick

Helical Games forms second team, Helical Mobile

September 12, 2013 in Featured, News, Helical Games

Helical Games Mobile Division

In order to accommodate a new project, Helical Games has established a new team developing specifically for mobile devices.

What is Helical Games Mobile?

Helical Games Mobile is a non-commercial division of Helical Games being established specifically to work on mobile games and apps for the Android and iOS markets.

Does this mean Helical Games is halting other projects/ diverting resources?

Nope. Helical Games Mobile is an entirely new team being established for these tasks alone. The primary team is still working on DIVERSE as planned.

What is the point?

DIVERSE is our primary goal, but it is very ambitious, and will take all the time and support we can muster. We need to prove our mettle and establish ourselves to pull that kind of support.

What game are they working on?

Aside from whatever hints you may notice around the site and community, the mobile projects are currently undisclosed and still in planning.

I want to volunteer for the non-commercial project.

Excellent, we still want our volunteers to follow the same application procedures as for the main team. Visit our Recruitment page to apply. 


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